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Psychics and Foretelling: The Power of Our Minds - Fact or Apparition?

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Psychics and Foretelling - by TJ Denton

An apparition is defined as: an appearance of something or somebody unexpected or strange.

A psychic is defined as: clairvoyant, telepathic, telekinetic, spiritualistic, having second sight, having a sixth sense.

The main idea in these practices is the "belief" factor. Throughout human history, we have all needed some type of belief system to help us cope. Be it our own inner reasoning, astrology, horoscopes, tarot or utilizing psychics or even fortune tellers.

So, are psychics an apparition or are they real? Are they strange? Do we see them as strange because they have been able to harness a bit part of what the human mind is capable of?

There are lots of arguments by both sides.

In all truthfulness, psychic ability could relate to just about any female of our species. They are endowed with an uncanny knack for knowing what will happen, and I don't mean the end result if you come home late at night without informing them that you would be out in the first place!

Humor aside, the innate "powers" the female is equipped with gives us an undeniable insight into the hidden powers of the mind. And into the secret abilities this electrical power plant has which we have yet to uncover. It is very arrogant to brush aside these abilities as mere "parlor games".

The "fly-by-night" self-professed psychics who rule the television airwaves late at night do nothing for the legitimacy of this ability to "see and foretell". Make no mistake...this ability is for real.

Maybe the sheer number of people who have learned to employ this ability are females due to the fact that females are definitively more in touch with their "feelings". Unlike males, they do not run from these feelings, they seek to delve deeper into them, opening up a pandora's box of possibilities.

Quite possibly the one person who has done more recently to give psychics an air of believability is Allison DuBois, and more specifically the television show based on her life "Medium". We "look in" on her abilities every week, and if anyone who has had any kind of contact with someone who shares these "abilities" knows, the power is not far-fetched nor is it fabrication.

The mysteries of the mind are more numerous today than the mysteries of outer space. Why are we so willing to explore these outer reaches, and not our own inner ones? Fear of the unknown and possibly the fear of what we are all very capable of?

Yes, there are studies being done in the area of the mind's power to heal the body, but the problem is the outcomes of these studies are geared towards the scientific community. What is needed is a translation if you will, of the evidence geared towards the average person on the street.

This alone would do more to lend creedence to the possibilities of what we all may be capable of, then having the scientific community rest on their knowledge while the rest of us have to endure the false-foretellers that flood the airwaves.

The power of the mind cannot be harnessed, and we should not attempt to do this. What we do need to do is acknowledge the possibilities of these powers and learn to extract bits and pieces of it, and utilize them to our advantage, mainly in the medical and mental health fields.

Many science fiction writers have given glimpses of what they perceive to be the "powers of the mind" in their writings, be it the "seeing" of law-breaking before the event happens, or employing the mind to move objects (telekinesis) and other far-fetched notions.

Are these far-fetched ideas? In truth, probably only in the extreme, but we will never know until we put fear of the unknown aside, and join the millions of 'believers" in discovering and utilizing the powers we all have residing in ourselves.

The result does not have to be frightening science fiction, but beneficial science and human fact.

About the Author

TJ Denton is a BS in Tech Writing and is a firm believer in the untapped capabilities of our minds, and delves deeper into all aspects of what tools we employ to find ourselves on his website:

Article added: December 11, 2006

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