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The Phoenix Logo is my own original design, and has been my official Trade-Mark since 1993. Wherever you see the Phoenix Logo (on book covers, websites, and elsewhere), you'll know it's me.

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The Phoenix Logo

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The Phoenix Logo - Registered Trade-Mark of Kenneth A. Lagerstrom.

The Phoenix Logo is the official Trade-Mark of Kenneth A Lagerstrom, and is fully Registered in accordance with the Canadian Trade-Marks Act. Unauthorized use or reproduction of this graphic in any form is expressly forbidden.

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The Logo's meaning is quite intricate, but here's the short version:

Wheels within Wheels

One of the first lessons in Shamanism, Taoism, Wicca, and many other esoteric philosophies is that all things in the universe are inter-connected. Nothing is complete by itself.

The 4 smaller circles also represent the 4 compass points - North, East, South, and West.

Wheels within wheels, and the 4 compass directions

The Eye of God

The Spanish called this the Ojo de Dios, and believed that this symbol would ward off evil and bring protection.

The Eye-of-God is placed in the Northern position, signifying an ever-watchful eye over us. The North is also the realm of Wisdom, Ritual, Sacred Knowledge, and Patience.

The Eye-of-God, or Spanish 'Ojo de Dios'

The Yin Yang

Yin-Yang, Light-Dark, Good-Evil, Masculine-Feminine. The Yin Yang symbolizes the perfect merging of opposites that creates the whole, and reminds us that without one half, the other cannot exist.

The Eastern position is the realm of Philosophy, Illumination, Perception, Divination, and Creativity.

The Yin Yang

The Shamanic Cross

The Shamanic Cross contains the Shamanic Center, the Circle of Protection, and the Diamond representing the Highest Self.

This symbol is placed in the Southern position, which represents Faith, Innocence, Strength, Protection, and Relationships.

The Shamanic Cross

The Celtic Cross

The early Celts had their own highly developed form of Shamanism. They understood well the forces of Nature and Earth.

The Celtic Cross takes the Western position. The direction of the West is the realm of Healing, Dreams, Shamanic Journeys, and Emotion. Putting the Celtic Cross here reminds us that emotions can heal or destroy, and religious bigotry must be overcome.

The Celtic Cross

The Phoenix

The mythical Phoenix lived for 500 years, and when it died was reborn from its own ashes. The symbol of the Phoenix reminds us that there is no true ending - only rebirth.

The Phoenix takes the center position of the logo. All things in the universe must revolve around the constant pattern of Life, Death, and Rebirth.

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The Phoenix, or Firebird

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