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Top 10 Palmistry Myths

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While personally studying the hands for so many years, some errors and superstitions come up so often that they get rather frustrating.

I normally keep my writing rather positive, but sometimes people need things phrased in the negative for the information to sink in. Here are the top 10 things that palmistry CANNOT do:

  1. The hands do not "predict the future".
    They can show the current patterns and trends along with their natural outcomes, but our thoughts and actions can be changed.

  2. The lines of the palms are not permanent.
    The lines do grow and change over time. (See #1)

  3. The hands cannot fortell how many children you will have.
    (See #1)

  4. Your palms do not reveal your spouse's name.

  5. A short life line does not mean a short life.
    (See #1)

  6. Hand analysis is not forbidden in the Bible.
    (See #1) (Try actually reading the Book yourself for once, keeping a biblical concordance handy to look up the original meaning of words.)

  7. The "Forer Effect" does not in any way disprove the effectiveness and validity of hand analysis.

  8. Spirituality is not associated with the index finger.
    The index finger relates primarily to ambition, authority and ego. (Mistake someone's ego for spirituality and you could really wind up on the wrong path....)

  9. The palms do not show what job and career you will have.
    (See #1) Your hands can identify what careers you might be best suited to, but this is certainly no guarantee that you will do the actual work necessary to get there.

  10. The hands do not "predict the future".
    OK, so this is actually the same as #1, but judging from the questions I receive, it seems the point needed to be stated again....

Article written: October 13, 2005

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