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The Simian Line

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Normal palm and hand with simian line
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In some cases the lines of Heart and Head are not separate at all, but join together to form one line running straight across the entire palm. This is known as the Simian Line. (Also called the "Simian Crease", "Simian Fold", and "Transverse Palmar Crease")

When the Simian Line occurs, the "Great Quadrangle" is entirely missing. There is no distinction between what is desired (the Heart) and what is thought (the Head). The result is an incredible intensity of nature, but a strong tendency to rush into all things without thinking them through.

Also note that without the Great Quadrangle, we have a completely closed-minded individual. Because they are so focussed on a particular thought, all else is excluded.

In another possible appearance of the Simian Line, the lines of Head, Heart, and Life are all joined. All the above traits apply, but even more intensely, since there is now no distinction between the thoughts, desires, and life itself.

The Simian Line gives the ability to focus on one thing, absolutely, to the exclusion of all else. These people generally achieve and accomplish far more than most, developing techniques and inventions that will last for generations. They also experience far more misfortune than most, usually due to the same intensity that drives them. A truly double-edged sword.

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Some Advice for those who have the Simian Line:
Your ambition for success in business endeavors will be strong, as will be the tendency to shut out all else in persuit of these ambitions. Strive to learn how thought and emotion are separate parts of the psyche - allow them to disagree once in a while, and not be narrow-minded or judgemental in all your beliefs.

Discover the workings of the human nervous system in order to understand what assists life, and what harms it. In this way, work to eliminate your hidden drive towards self-destruction.

You have a great deal of power at your disposal - always use it to your benefit. Stay true and strong. If you need help in dealing with your compulsions, many resources are available.

Recommended if you have a Simian Line: Liao-Fan's Four Lessons.

Article written: November 9, 2000

Some Questions & Answers on the Simian Line:
I do possess a simian line on both of my palms. I read your article about it, noticing that you mention "there are many resources available to help you". Can you please tell me which these resources are?
The many resources I referred to are the organizations dedicated to your particular case.
Each individual expresses their own unique personality. Some people with the Simian Line show extreme difficulty in deep personal relationships, while for others their main issue is anger management. Each individual must identify and limit their own personal shortcomings.
Those who posess the Simian Line may all share the personality trait of "taking things to the extreme", but each in their own way.

Your explanation of the simian line was very helpful to me. About 2 months ago I found out I had so called Simian Line running across the palm of my right hand. When I found out what it entails (for ex. most people with Down Syndrome have it), I got quite distressed. I have always thought I was quite excentric - a reserved and very timid person. But my greatest stuggle of all is a difficulty expressing my feelings, and expressing myself verbally in general. It's hard to organize the intense thoughts bubbling inside my head. I really suspect there is something wrong with me. You say there are some RESOURCES. What would you recommend for me. I am kind of lost. I will kindly appreciate your help.
Yes, there have been studies that conclusively link the Simian Line to various brain "disorders". But.....
Consider the combustion engine: A sports car engine can accelerate quickly, but cannot tow 50 tons - Does this make it too weak? A locomotive engine can pull 50 tons but cannot go 120 miles an hour - Does this make it too slow? It is this way with all people - each person has intrinsic strengths and weaknesses. The trouble only comes when strength is viewed as "good" and weakness as "bad". They are the Yin and Yang which create the whole - one cannot exist without the other.
The Simian Line shows incredible strength of will and determination to succeed, but also the weakness of unsettled thoughts and unresolved emotion. Remember that thought helps create reality, and people with the Simian Line are capable of putting their entire being into a single thought (for better or for worse). Altering reality is far easier for bearers of the Simian Line than for others - Just remember the law of Karma.
One of the greatest healers I have ever met has the Simian Line on both hands. He had to go through much distress in his own life to understand the same unhealthy patterns in others. Now he is quite well off, happily married, and very successful. He had to first learn to stop judging himself (and others) so harshly.
Any form of meditation would be quite helpful for focussing your mind - just pick one that "feels right" to you. Tai Chi or other moving meditations might be best, since your mind and emotions both need to be tamed. Seek councelling for any unresolved issues you still have, even just talking to a friend about them will help. Work hard to ELIMINATE ANGER AND HATE from your life - the karmic backlash is vicious for those with the Simian Line (and rightly so). Faith and courage are requirements for bearers of the Simian Line, so rise up to your own personal challenges, but be cautious of developing religious fanaticism.
This should give you a lot to consider.

I have simian lines on both hands, and have always wondered about the reason and meaning of this. I found your little write up interesting....
Yes, the Simian Line certainly makes for an interesting life.... The page at is just some of the basic info on interpreting this line. Another perspective can be found at:
Follow-Up Comment:
Thanks for the reply and link. After not knowing a thing about these lines, I find myself with a plethora of information....
You're very welcome. Remember that people with the Simian Line can often take things to extremes unless they are aware of their own intensity. Learn how to be at peace within yourself, and your thoughts & actions will be beneficial. Make sure that fear issues never get the better of you - Fear results from a lack of faith, and if you have the Simian Line then the concept of faith is one you will repeatedly examine in this lifetime. Faith can empower or cripple, depending on how it is used.
Most types of meditation is especially helpful to those with the Simian Line - their intensity focus also applies to their meditation potential. Always remember the universal law of "karma" - What you send out comes back to you, the positive and the negative.
Regarding the "Downs Syndrome" link and other such issues:
I never consider any palmar marking to be "good" or "bad". It is my belief that each individual has their own unique path in life. Each person has their own lessons to learn, challenges to overcome, and karma to work through. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses to work with. A strength used improperly becomes just as limiting as any weakness, and any weakness can be turned into a strong advantage when properly applied. Limitations are placed on every person to keep them on their proper path.

I was wondering whether I have the alternate appearance of the simian line. I was reading about it in your web site and I am a little confused. I do have the heart, head and life lines very prominently but the heart line branches out, one ending normally between the middle and index fingers (between the mount of Saturn and Jupiter) and the other directly connecting the headline such that the heartline, headline and the lifeline are all joined to each other. I have compared with other hands and am yet to find a similar case like mine. Can you please clarify what this means? Also I have a complete absence of a fate line. What does this mean? Won't I ever find success in life?! Please answer.
The lines you describe sound similar to those showing childhood abuse that hampered normal emotional development. You can interpret the lines as BOTH the simian line AND a split heart line.
Without the Line of Fate, you will have to work harder for gains. This line shows where a person is "forced" into an occupation or endeavor, causing them to produce results. No fate line means that you are free from these normal pressures, but must apply yourself harder towards your goals and make your own ambitions clear (which makes up for what might be seen by some as a "lack of direction").

I am an engineering student from india who has completed his second year of study. Very recently one of my friends who is into palmistry pointed out that I have a simian line on my left hand and said that it is like a double-edged sword (meaning either I can rise to great heights or ruin my life very easily). I searched the web for more info and the same info got thrown up. I am at the moment studying in one of the most prestigious colleges in india, but I haven't been doing particularly well. Somehow I am never really at peace with myself. Do you think I am on a self-destructive path? If so, how can I get out of it and use the simian line charecteristics to my benefit?
You are in a perfect country to be dealing with the Simian line. Part of the problem with this line comes whenever the Spiritual parts of life are forgotten. India is blessed with a rich and potent spiritual history, and the land strongly radiates this energy (both the positive and the negative). As you mind continues to grow, remember to be cautious of becoming overly fanatical in your religious/philisophical views, but also to stay connected with your higher thruth. *** Especially remember the law of Karma, and use it to enrich your whole life. ***

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