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Healing with Hands
There are 3 basic steps to using healing hands:
  1. Drawing in vital energy / Activating the hands
  2. Locating the specific areas that require balancing.
  3. Directing vital energy through the patient.

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Healing Hands

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What is Healing Hands?

The term "Healing Hands" usually refers to an ability to improve the health of another person by use of vital energy moving through the healer. Healing hands goes by several other names, including "Laying of Hands", "Energy Healing", "Chakra Healing", "Energy Work", "Touch Therapy", and "Aura Healing".

There is some controversy regarding the validity of healing hands. Many sceptics swear that the only effect from any kind of energy healing is that of a placebo. Believers claim that they have recovered from crippling illnesses, and their recovery was due entirely to a practitioner's use of healing hands. I personally am a strong believer in the potency of energy healing, and have used numerous methods with clients over the years.

How does it work?

There are many different methods of energy healing with the hands. Healers typically believe that they are able to act as a catalyst for the patient's own natural healing. The belief is that since all matter is made up of energy, all living beings are able to influence the energy patterns of others. Some healing methods require a talent that you are either born with or not, while other methods can be learned by almost anyone.

Some healing methods require years of discipline and training, such as those performed by qigong and kung fu masters. Unique and personalized methods come naturally to a "born healer". Other methods require religious devotion, and are prayer-based.

Nearly all healing hand methods agree that the vital energy comes from outside the body, is directed by the mind, and amplified by the emotions.

Try it Yourself

There are 3 basic steps to using healing hands:
  1. Drawing in vital energy / Activating the hands
  2. Locating the specific areas that require balancing.
  3. Directing vital energy through the patient.

Step 1: Drawing in energy / Activating the hands

An easy way to begin is with a few minutes of simple relaxed meditation. Just sit quietly with the body relaxed and focus on your breathing. Breathe in and out through the nose, with the tip of your tongue lightly touching the roof of your mouth just behind the front teeth. Focus on keeping your breathing slow and regular, and breathe deeply into the lower abdomen. Rest the hands in your lap with palms together, in whatever position is most comfortable. Continue this breathing until you begin to notice a sensation of warmth between your palms.

Step 2: Locating the target areas

Without physically touching the patient's body, slowly move the palms across the injured or imbalanced area, keeping the hands about 1-2 inches (2-5 cm) away from making physical contact with the patient. You will notice what seems like very hot or cold spots wherever there is a severely imbalanced energy - Just feel for the change in sensation in your palms.

Step 3: Directing vital energy through the patient

Keep the palms an inch or 2 away from the patient, directly where you feel the worst hot or cold spot. Focus your mind on the energy from your palms, and think of cooling down the hot area (or heating up the cold spot). When this healing hands method starts to work, both the healer and patient begin to feel strong physical sensations.

Discharging the imbalanced energies

When working with imbalanced energies, there can be a tendency for healers to absorb some of the imbalance themselves. Most will flick their fingers or shake their hands repeatedly during a session to release the energy build-up. For a beginner, the best way to clear out any negativity left from a healing hands session is to immediately wash the hands under cold running water.

Article written: October 3, 2006

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