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There are no muscles in the fingers past the proximal phalanx. Tendons allow the fingers to close.

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Common Fingernail Problems and Fingernail Diseases

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The study of fingernails is sometimes called Onichognomy or Onychognomy. Below are some of the common fingernail conditions that can be found, along with their health indication. *The information here is not in any way intended to diagnose, or as a substitue for proper medical evaluation.

Fingernail Conditions

Problem Medical Cause*
Horizontal Ridges on Fingernails (Beau's lines) Anemia or malnutrition.
Horizontal White Lines Kidney disease, Hodgkin's disease, or heart disease
Vertical Trenches Kidney disorders, iron deficiency, general aging.
Vertical Splitting Calcium deficiency.
Vertical Red Lines Rheumatoid arthritis or high blood pressure.
Pitted Nails Psoriasis, parasites, or eczema
Brittle Nails Calcium, Vitamin A, and/or iron deficiency
Blue Nails Circulatory and pulmonary problem (asthma or emphysema)
Yellow Nails Liver problems, diabetes, or lymphatic system trouble.
White Nails Liver problems, kidney disorders, or anemia.
White Spots on Nails Zinc deficiency
Nails Curving Down at Tips Heart or lung problems.
Nails Curving Up (spooning) Anemia, Iron deficiency.
Flat Nails Anemia, thyroid disease, or Vitamin B12 deficiency.
Infection Along Edge of Fingernail Paronychia

Written: September 27, 2006

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