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I've been fascinated by the human hands since childhood (due to the fact that my father has none). Some of my favorite subjects include palmistry, interpreting hand movements and gestures, fingerprints, and using internal energy such as with healing hands and burning palm.

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Professional palm reading for events in Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada) and teaching palmistry online since 1998.

Party Entertainment - Lectures - Private Readings - Courses

I've been studying the human hands for 30 years, and provide palmistry and other hand-related services for both groups and individuals.

Feel free to browse around, and contact me when you would like a price quote for your event.

Kenneth Lagerstrom
Red Phoenix Productions
Burnaby, BC, Canada
Telephone: 1-604-298-4770

By appointment only

Red Phoenix Productions - Burnaby, BC, Canada Website - All about the human hands:

Learn Palmistry Guide - Online Certification Course - Read Articles and Reviews - Ask a Question - Free Palm Readings - Fingers and Knuckles - Myths - Scams has been online since 1998, providing information and answering questions about the human hands. All content is original material written by Kenneth Lagerstrom, except where otherwise specified.

Health and Alternative Medicine Articles:

Heart Disease - Diabetes - Osteoporosis - Common Fingernail Problems - Healing Hands

A popular topic here has always been alternative medicine, and how the hands might indicate certain health conditions. Please feel free to suggest new articles on specific topics.


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