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"Psychology and Counselling are sticks and stones compared to the atomic bomb of PalmTherapy when it comes to rapid emotional relief."

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A Review of PalmTherapy

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In a previous Newsletter, Moshe Zwang was named as one of the three greatest contributers to Hand Analysis in the 20th Century. I have continued to assess his "PalmTherapy" system even further since then, and still have not been able to identify any significant problems or concerns that arise as a result of PalmTherapy use.

The brain is best considered as simply the "master organ" of your body. Just as the heart, lungs, and kidneys each need different treatments for their unique problems, so does the brain. Psychology and Counselling are sticks and stones compared to the atomic bomb of PalmTherapy when it comes to rapid emotional relief.

In my opinion, PalmTherapy should be officially recognized as a specific medical treatment for clinical depression, anxiety, phobias, and all other conditions considered Psychological or Neurological in origin. Only if PalmTherapy were to fail should medications or other measures be considered.

What impresses me most about this system is how Moshe Zwang was able to standardize it for universal use. His techniques are very similar to my own, yet PalmTherapy can be learned by nearly anyone. PalmTherapy has certain "barriers" incorporated into it which prevent harm through misuse. The therapeutic limitations imposed by these restrictions are nominal, and not enough to prevent recovery in any but the rarest cases.

See for yourself. Better yet, try it.

Article written: November 29, 2000

Find a certified PalmTherapist

NEW!!! - Graduates of the Holistic Cheirology™ Certification Course can now enroll in the Palmtherapy Certification Programs, even if the Holistic Cheirology™ graduate is not already a licensed therapist or health care provider.

A Letter From Dr. Moshe Zwang:

July 3, 2005

To Whom It May Concern

Graduates of Holistic Cheirology Online Course by Kenneth A. Lagerstrom will acquire a great foundation in analyzing and understanding the hand. This learning provides the students with the insight necessary for daily life events for a better understanding of themselves and transforming this knowledge into a practical hand reflexology.

The Holistic Cheirology Online Course by Kenneth A. Lagerstrom is approved by the International Palmtherapy Association: Graduates of Holistic Cheirology Online Course by Kenneth A. Lagerstrom may join the Palmtherapy Certification Programs, which are currently and primarily offered to therapists and healthcare professionals. Thus, I recommend to those who are not licensed therapists/healthcare providers to seriously consider studying this course, which includes some hand reflexology, as a prerequisite for being admitted to the Palmtherapy Intensive 40-hour Certification Programs.

Moshe Zwang
Inventor of Palmtherapy (R)
International Palmtherapy Association
An Approved Provider for Continuing Education by The State of California

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