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I have been studying the hands for more than 30 years, with 15 years professional experience.

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Private Hand Analysis, Parties, and Cheirology Courses

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"Give me 5 minutes and I'll tell you the biggest limitation you face in your life right now, and the best way to overcome it."

Private Hand Analysis / Life Coaching:

Private hand readings can be done anywhere within Greater Vancouver (BC). Appointments should be booked well in advance.

1 hour: $275

To book your private hand analysis session, email or telephone 604-298-4770

Greater Vancouver Palmistry - Palm Reading Parties:

Whether it's a casual office lunch or something more formal, booking a quality hand analyst can help make sure that your event is remembered for years to come. Click here for information on corporate events.

Holistic Cheirology™ Certification Course:

A distance-learning certification program combining several branches of cheirology. Learn to analyze the hands while correcting imbalances as they are identified. Click here for more information about the Holistic Cheirology™ certification course.

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