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Love compatible and relationship readings are very popular around Valentine's Day.

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Compatibility Reading and Relationship Analysis from the Fingerprints

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Compatibility and Relationship Signs in Hand Reading

There are many different hand analysis methods for how to read relationship compatibility. The hand structure, palmistry lines, and fingerprints can all be compared to interpret different kinds of relationships - business, love, or friendship. Some methods are rather effective, others not so much.

I have found that in hand reading, the most accurate relationship analysis methods are done by comparing the fingerprints. The least accurate seem to be methods that compare hand shape and structure.

How to Read Relationship Signs on the Hands

A relationship analysis can be made by comparing the markings on one person's hands with the markings on another's. Similar hand signs show similar relationship signs. Different hand markings show where relationship differences come in. Read the fingerprints first, then the palmistry lines.

When comparing fingerprints, look for just the basic print pattern (loop, arch, whorl) of each finger. For a more detailed love reading, look for 5 fingerprint types (loop, arch, whorl, radial loop, double loop).

When comparing the palmistry lines, look at the quality of the line (depth, clarity, color) as well as its position on the palm.

Basic information on how to read palmistry lines and fingerprints.

Compatibility Reading for a Relationship Analysis

Start by comparing each fingerprint - Right hand index finger of one person to the right hand index finger of the other. Continue with all 10 prints. More than 7 fingerprint patterns in common shows a good compatibility between the two people. Less than 4 fingerprints in common indicates much tension, and not usually seeing eye-to-eye.

Some fingerprint patterns work well together, others do not. The most compatibility is shown when a similar print pattern is shared on a finger.

When it comes to different prints, the loops tend to work well with all other types, and can still be compatible. Whorl and arch prints are more set in their ways, and can have ongoing relationship difficulty from the differences.

Compatibility Analysis Details

Index Fingerprints - Middle Fingerprints - Ring Fingerprints - Baby Fingerprints - Thumb Prints

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