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Holistic Cheirology is a certification program covering all the basics of palmistry, hand analysis, finger movements, hand positions, palmar massage techniques and even meditation practices.

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Johnny Fincham's Review of Holistic Cheirology

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Johnny Fincham was kind enough to take time from his own busy schedule to examine and review the very first edition of the Holistic Cheirology course. Johnny and I look at the hands quite differently and we've rarely seen eye-to-eye, but he is quite skilled and adept in his palm reading ability. The following letter is reprinted with his permission:

Hi Kenneth,

I've now had a good look at the Holistic Cheirology Course both via e-mail and on CD.

Firstly to commend it, it's simple, easy to understand, has nice clear images, doesn't wander into the realms of prediction and it has a very good set of end-of-chapter exercises to follow that really drives home the teachings.

All this is great.

I have a real problem with the content though, in terms of it being a holistic course - which it clearly isn't and makes no attempt to be. The course covers is an extremely simplistic account of the temporal, emotional energetic currents in a palm, and that's all. If it were holistic it would need a massive amount of analysis on the psychological, vocational, physiological and emotional implications of the formation, length, quality and nature of the lines and how this relates to the more permanent patterns - the hand shape, skin texture finger length, etc. Some statements you've made here are quite incredible and read like something from a turn-of-the-century palmistry book. The ring finger isn't concerned with the emotions and never was - most of the mounts stuff is outdated and what you've said about black coloured lines is an insult to most dark skinned people as their lines are often black or very dark in colour. In fact a lot of this course reads like the last fifty years of scientific and holistic investigation into prints, finger form and length, lineal form, skin ridge break up, etc hasn't happened. The stuff on prints is very vague and often incorrect.

I'm afraid I see this course as being a basic cheirology course for holistic practitioners, or a course in emotional energetic cheirology, or even a course in a basic palmistry primer but it isn't anything like a course in holistic cheirology per se. Perhaps we simply have a different understanding of the word 'holistic'.

At best, I'd recommend it as a basic primer as long as people were recommended to read a thorough contemporary book afterwards to consolidate and further their understanding . My own book 'The Spellbinding Power of Palmistry' would be a good example or 'Your Life in Your Hands' by Beryl Hutchinson, or one of a number of books or courses that teaches modern practice.

Hope you find these comments useful and thank you for letting me look at it.

With very best wishes,

Johnny Fincham -

Letter received: May 11, 2005

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