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Unusually High Ratio
"One of the most unusual anomalies I've seen is the high rate of double loop fingerprints among foster parents, especially since parents who adopt children do not show the same high ratio."

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High Rate of Double-Loop Fingerprints Among Foster Parents

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Doing Hand Readings at Large Parties Provides Great Experience

One great advantage that I've had in studying hands is the number of corporate events and private parties that I've done palm readings at. These events offer the opportunity to study specific groups of people, and note the similarities and differences in the hands. For example, at some company parties you can see that the hands and knuckles of nearly every employee appear chafed and white (which can show complete exhaustion), revealing the employer's unhealthy demands and expectations of the workers. Other office parties have nearly every employee's hands looking relaxed and with all fingerprints well-defined, which shows a healthier (or even inspiring) place of employment.

Another advantage of working at large corporate functions is how it helps to refine the hand analysts skills. You can't work at a banker's convention and read on every person's palm that they are skilled with finances - You really get to learn the subtleties of hand analysis.

Radial Loop Fingerprints Common on Charity Volunteers

One interesting anomaly I've encountered is how the radial loop fingerprint is quite common among people who volunteer a lot of their time helping charity organizations. Some parties for charity volunteers had more than 1/4 of the hands showing at least one radial loop fingerprint.

Double Loop Fingerprints and Foster Parents

The double loop fingerprint is also known as a "double whorl".

By far the most unusual anomaly I've seen is the high rate of double loop fingerprints among foster parents, especially since parents who adopt children do not show the same high ratio.

I've observed this same rate of double loop prints and foster parents on several occasions. The foster parents in these groups were not family related, and represented a variety of races. At some events, the double loop print appeared on as many as 40% of the hands, and several people had 5 or more double looped fingerprints.

A common personality trait among the foster parents with double loops was how they could not really express how and why they made important decisions in their lives (such as fostering a child). They typically expressed that their motivation was an unexplainable urge or compulsion that could not be denied.

Article written: December 4, 2006

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