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Holistic Cheirology™ is a certification program covering all the basics of palmistry, hand analysis, finger movements, hand positions, palmar massage techniques and even meditation practices.

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An Endorsement for Holistic Cheirology™

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This was one of the very first responses to the Holistic Cheirology™ course:

"Holistic Cheirology graduates have a distinct advantage when beginning their training in the 18 Daoist Palms Kung Fu system. I fully support and endorse this program because any serious study of Five Elder Monk Mew Hing's 18 Daoist Palms System of Southern Chinese Kung Fu entails for me personally, a 'grounding in my own faith of the "I am," through Jesus.

Whether atheist, Christian, Islamic or deaf, dumb and blind; the ability to have a personal religious experience must meet the standard of the deaf, dumb and blind person! That means it follows the 'keep it simple' principle. We are here to learn faith and courage while making happiness our duty. Real truth leads to freedom albeit first one needs knowledge and then realization and actualization of truth. I study The Urantia Book and the works of Madame Blavatsky. I was raised Catholic and later Baptized Protestant. Now I follow God by allowing myself to be guided from Holy Spirit within. I study all the history I can, especially Chinese philosophy due to it being necessary to know to understand the higher levels of kung fu.

Cheirology is perfect study to compliment martial arts, as we 'root with our feet - but fight with our hands.' The hands should be studied from not only a western anatomy point of view, but also any metaphysical points of view. If you are like me, Ken's expert and thorough understanding of this ancient wisdom will benefit healers of all types and especially those that do Reiki, Tui Na or are merely wanting deeper insights to the all important 'inner take' on how the information can be integrated into one's overall enlightenment from within. When using rapid reasoning, quick judgment and discernment of spirit, one will have the 'tools' to take what is useful and disregard the rest.

My iron palm has improved because of knowledge validated from within concerning a reading done on my hands. Ken is the real deal in this niche area of expertise, as well as a great British Columbia Representative of our system of 18 Daoist Palms."

James Patrick Lacy - 7th Generation Grandmaster of 18 Daoist Palms

Letter received: May 12, 2005

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