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A Lifetime of Study
My lifetime fascination with the human hands comes from the fact that my own father has no hands.

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Kenneth Lagerstrom and in the News

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Forgotten most of them unfortunately, but here are a few of the places I've appeared or been a guest (Sorry to everyone not listed here):


2CC - Mike Jeffreys Breakfast Show - Canberra, Australia
Supertalk 97.5 - "Supernatural Saturday Night"
Ocean 98 WOCM - "Rude Awakening" - Ocean City, MD, USA
92.5 Joe FM with Rhubarb and Audie - Edmonton, Alberta
Capital Gold with Paul Coyte. - London, England
CISL 650 - Vancouver, BC


Citytv - "Living Together" with Sherry Thoreson - Vancouver, BC
Citytv - Breakfast Television - Vancouver, BC


Have to go through my newspaper clippings to find these. Will add them eventually.

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