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I used to ignore it when people plagiarized my writings and claimed credit for my original works, but some of it has now gotten out of hand (sorry, pun intended).

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Palmistry Scams, Shams, and Charlatans

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#1 Palmistry Scam - Using Plagiarism to Fake Expert Knowledge and Make Money

Plagiarism is currently the most common outright scam related to palm reading. People with limited knowledge and/or talent simply take copyrighted content from other authors and claim it as their own. When people blatantly use illegal copyright infringement to pass themselves off as experts, they expose themselves as liars and thieves - They lie when they claim the material as their own, and they have stolen and abused copyrighted material. Their reason is usually for financial gain, either through website advertising or products for sale. Although unlikely, it is possible for a plagiarist to be mistakenly listed as an original author - Please let me know about any errors or mistakes that may occur on this list.

Here are some known palmistry plagiarists:

Adula Astrology Services Weblog
Imran Saeed
MEBO - Life300
Mystical Healings
Per Hogseth
Thanu Pillay and/or /

Want to get your name off this list of fraudulent palm readers? Just remove ALL plagiarized material from your website, and from any other website where you claim credit for someone else's work. If I cannot find an active example of your plagiarism, then will your name will be removed.

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Report a Palmistry Scam

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