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Secrets of the Hands
These "20 Secrets" were written back in 1997, before was even conceived. It started off with a "Secret of the Week" being posted to my very first website, which was on "GeoCities".

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Heal Thyself:
Hand Analysis can be effectively combined with palmar massage to treat conditions as they are identified. A fine example of this is PalmTherapy (sm/tm), which includes techniques very similar to ones used in my private consultations, and also taught in the Holistic Cheirology Certification Course.

Especially during open debates, many elected officials forget that their hand movements can reveal motivations and integrity. (See Secret #16).

Laying of Hands:
If you ever attempt "laying of hands" healing techniques, it is crucial to remember that the healing must come from the patient's vital energy, not from your own reserves. The healer acts as a catalyst only, and must ensure that the illness is not simply transferred and absorbed.

Laying of Hands II:

There are many different techniques for laying of hands, but one of the most effective I've ever used is the Advanced Burning Palm.

Professional Secrets of the Hands (Palm Reading Secrets) - Part 2

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More Palmistry Secrets (Part 2) Secrets of the Hands, Part 1
  1. Thumb position.
  2. Attitudes towards money.
  3. Broken fingernail - Index finger.
  4. Broken fingernail - Middle finger.
  5. Broken fingernail - Ring finger.
  6. Broken fingernail - Baby finger.
  7. Broken thumbnail.
  8. Temptation and embezzlement.
  9. Arthritis and the knuckles.
  10. Anger and temper.


When making decisions, it is common to think one course of action is correct, while feeling that another would be more appropriate. This battle between the head and heart goes on within each of us. Fortunately it is easy to tell which one is more likely to develop a "blind spot" - we merely look to the thumb.

The tip section of the thumb governs the intuition or "Gut Instinct". The second phalanx (middle section) shows the development of the logical mind. Compare the two sections to see which is crossed by deep horizontal lines, or "Blocks". In most cases, one phalanx will have two or three distinct blocks, while the other remains relatively clear.

The phalanx which contains these blocks reflects the aspect in which one is likely to develop a blind spot, missing some important detail.

If the middle section on your thumb has several horizontal lines, your logic often cannot be trusted. Whenever there is a conflict between what you think and what you feel, your intuition is the more accurate. If the first phalanx shows these blocks, the reverse is true - trust your logic.

You can also look to see if several vertical lines cross one of the phalanges, which indicates that the "blind spot" has been overcome.

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The fingernails reveal many traits about the condition of the spine. Perhaps the easiest to spot is a foreward curvature. A spinal curvature is indicated when one nail, instead of being straight, curves in towards the fingertip. Use the following list to identify the actual location of the misalignment:
  • Thumbnail - Cervical Vertebrae 1 & 2
    (First two bones of the neck)
  • Index Fingernail - Cervical Vertebrae 3 - 7
    (Neck to shoulder blades)
  • Middle Fingernail - Thoracic Vertebrae 1 - 12
    (Shoulder blades to mid-back)
  • Ring Fingernail - Lumbar Vertebrae 1 - 4
    (Mid-back to pelvis)
  • Baby Fingernail - Sacrum and Coccyx
    (Pelvis and tailbone)
If your own fingernails reveal a spinal curvature, Chiropractic alignment or Tai Chi can be very effective methods of treatment. (As a certified Tai Chi instructor, I've seen dramatic results in students.) Toning the stomach muscles is also very important.

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Imbalances in the Glands can be identified from lines upon the fingertips. Strong diagonal lines or the "Grille" formation found on any fingertip reveals a glandular problem. The deeper the lines, the more severe the condition.

Each fingertip relates to a different gland as follows:

  • Index Fingertip - Pituitary Gland
  • Middle Fingertip - Adrenal Glands
  • Ring Fingertip - Thymus Gland
  • Baby Fingertip - Thyroid Gland
In cases where the grille formation is found on all fingertips, the most common causes are Menopause, or an adverse reaction to pharmaceutical birth control (The Pill). Herbal treatments are usually effective, as long as they are of medicinal quality such as from Blessed Herbs.

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The Human brain is greatly affected by the position of the body. One well known example of this is the expression of the mouth. Smiling actually lowers the blood tempature of the brain, while frowning will increase it. Just as facial expressions will affect brain function, so does the position of the hands.

When meditating, it is especially important to hold the hands in a position which facilitates that particular form of meditation. This will help the mind to maintain its focus while eliminating distracting thoughts.

The first meditation steadies the body and trains the mind. This technique is called by many names: Grounding, First Chakra, Root Chakra, "Void" Meditation, Earth Connection, Chu (The Pillar), and Zen "One Point" Meditation are the more common terms. All of these are methods of eliminating adverse stress and developing one's inner power. While the breath control will be different for each of these, the hand position is the same.

The benefits of this first meditation are profound, and include:

  • Increased mental focus
  • Increased emotional control
  • Reduction of harmful stress in daily life
  • Improved digestion
  • Proper elimination of body waste from bladder and bowels
  • Tones and stimulates the internal organs
  • Correction of Hernia
  • Reduction of chest and abdominal pain
The Zen "One Point" Meditation
  1. Place the palms together with the fingertips upward.
  2. Interlock the fingers.
  3. Extend the index fingers so they lie side-by-side
  4. Extend the thumbs the same way.
  5. Lift your hands and hold them in front of your chest.
  6. Feel the heat between your hands and take note of the pulse in the palms.
Now direct your attention to the point where your index fingertips touch. This is the "One Point". You will begin to feel your pulse at the fingertips. Within seconds you will notice your calmness and inner power growing.

Do not try to keep other thoughts out of the mind. Allow these to enter and leave your mind naturally. You will begin to notice a brief time period BETWEEN these thoughts. This interval of "Void" is the purpose of the Zen "One Point" Meditation.

Personally, I also enjoy "moving meditations" such as Tai Chi. You can find some of these at

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The flexibility of the 1st knuckle of the thumb reveals how adaptable a person is to new situations and environments. In some cases the thumb is so flexible that it bends back beyond a 90 degree angle. This extreme flexibility is most visible when holding a pen for writing.

The greater the flexibility of the knuckle, the more adaptable the person is. In cases where the thumb will bend far back on itself, the individual will quickly and easily adjust to any new environment in which they find themself. They will not stop to first consider whether the change is beneficial or harmful - their love of new experiences is stronger than their good judgement.

This class of person will quickly outperform their peers, regardless of the morality of their actions. For this reason, owners of extremely flexible thumbs must exercise caution in choosing their friends. If associated with a group of philanthropists, they will improve more lives than their peers. If with a group of voluptuaries, they will exceed all others in their debauch.

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Some hand positions show a constructive mental outlook, while other positions reveal a destructive mental focus. The most destructive hand position is when the index finger alone is extended. Most often the finger is pointed at another person, and is "waved" or "shaken" at them.

The Index Finger represents the Ego. By extending only the one finger and waving it about, the subject is directing only self-centered, egotistical thought patterns and behavior.

If you find your own index finger being pointed and shaken at another, be aware that your current attitude is judgemental and egocentric. Become aware that what we dislike in others reflects patterns that we ourselves are guilty of.

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The technique of Reflexology has proved itself highly effective in the treatment of many health disorders. Perhaps the easiest to alleviate is headaches (including hangovers).

Reflexology works by stimulating the nerve reflexes throughout the body. Of the estimated 800 - 1000 body reflex points, several hundred are located in the hands and fingers. By massaging reflex points, the related meridians, nerves and organs are all stimulated, helping to correct any dysfunction.

Headaches can be caused by a variety of sources, but the Reflexology treatment is the same for each.

To Alleviate Headaches - Massage the Thumbs. Start at the pad on the tip of the thumb and gently massage all over the 1st phalanx. Locate any points which feel sore and rub these spots thouroughly. (Reflexologist Mildred Carter called these "ouch spots" - massage one and you'll know why).

If your headache still persists after massaging the 1st phalanx, move to the second phalanx and repeat the process. If necessary, also rub the web of the thumb and the metacarpal bone.

Headaches centered around the eyes will also require massaging of the index and middle fingers. Headaches centered around the ears will need additional rubbing of the ring and baby fingers. If the headache is on the right side, concentrate the treatment on the right hand. For headaches on the left side, use the left hand.

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Another easy disorder to alleviate is neck tension.

To Alleviate Neck Tension - Rotate the Thumbs. After massaging the thumbs (as explained in #17), rotate them gently to each side several times on both knuckles.

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To Alleviate Pain in the Lower Back - Massage the Wrists. The center of the wrist on the palm side contains the reflex point for the lower back. Gently massage both wrists with the opposite thumb, about 5 minutes per wrist. Repeat the massage at least twice per day for optimum results.

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To Treat Swollen Lymph Nodes - Massage the Base of Each Finger. In between each finger at the base is a reflexology point for the upper lymph nodes. If your glands are swollen, at least one (and probably all) of these points will be painful to the touch. Massaging all 4 of the points will bring relief almost immediately.

The four points are at the very base of each finger within the webbing of the skin. There is one between the thumb and index finger, another between the index and middle finger. Remember that each point is found within the webbing between the digits.

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