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Holistic Cheirology™ is a certification program covering all the basics of palmistry, hand analysis, finger movements, hand positions, palmar massage techniques and even meditation practices.

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Hand of a Thousand Bells

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Another Kind of Hand Energy

There is so much more to the hands than just palmistry. Another fascinating subject is how the body's internal energy moves through the hands and can be projected outwards. One of the best known methods of projecting this hand energy is known as "laying of hands", or "touch therapy". There are also many other esoteric techniques that use the same inner "energy" in different ways.

Visually, the best looking hand energy methods is the "Hand of a Thousand Bells", which is a controlled push of air combined with the inner vital energy (called "chi", "ki", or "prana").

Watch a video demonstration of the "Hand of a Thousand Bells". (2.58 Mb)

There are countless different meditations that help build up the internal vital energy. Holistic Cheirology course students, for example, learn a set of "handy" meditations specifically designed to help them develop and control their own chi. The "Hand of a Thousand Bells" can be an excellent test of inner strength and mental focus. It is "simply" a matter of drawing in sufficient chi energy, moving it through the body, and then projecting the focussed energy outwards with a small air displacement.

The regular "mudra" meditations of Kung Fu are also effective for developing this technique, but be careful not to strain your elbow trying to put out a candle flame. If you are younger than 30 years old, you might get quicker results from the basic "kanji" meditations of Kuji Kiri Ninjitsu.

If you do attempt to develop this discipline or use it as a testing method, remember that the important thing is not just being able to put out a candle flame. What is important is being able to extinguish the flame safely, every time.

Article written: August 12, 2005

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