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Professional hand analysts typically earn between $50-$100 per hour, and set their own schedules. Do you have what it takes to work in this challenging field? Holistic Cheirology™ provides the foundation you'll need to get started, and you'll be able to start accepting clients as soon as you've finished the course.

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Working as a Professional Cheirologist

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Professional hand analysts and cheirologists are usually self-employed. They can work from home, at local new age shops, and at fairs and expos. Some choose to stay near their homes, while others enjoy travelling to the many different expos in various large cities. Earnings vary greatly depending on skill and experience, but typically range from $40 - $120 USD per hour (for hours worked). In most countries all that is required is a municipal business licence, but some areas may also require certification in counselling, so check the regulations for your area in advance.

Being a professional cheirologist is not for the judgemental or the faint-of-heart. You have to be able to discuss a person's most sensitive issues with understanding and compassion, yet maintain your own integrity and emotional-control.

The first step in becoming a professional palm reader or cheirologist is simply to learn the trade. Books are a good place to start, but some things will have to be learned either through experience or from another professional who has been in the field for many years. Be ready for the many apparent contradictions and discrepancies between different palmistry systems/schools (Which is usually just the same information from 2 different points of view). Once virtually all your readings receive the reactions of "Wow!", "Amazing!", and "Phenomenal!", then you're ready to take the step from amateur to professional. If the reactions to your readings is "Hmm", "Interesting", "Lots to think about", or "Thanks", then you still have much to learn.

Remember that hand analysis combines extremely well with applied palmar massage (such as reflexology) and any "laying of hands" techniques (such as qigong). One such combination is taught in the Holistic Cheirology™ course.

I love my work. I don't know many other people who wake up each morning excited to start their business day. It may seem like long hours, but much of it is pure enjoyment for me, so it hardly seems like work at all. Each day is different from the last, and I never know quite what to expect. Being able to work from home while raising my 2 year old daughter has truly been a Blessing.

Here is a "typical" summer day:

04:30 Get up and ready for the day. Meditation & quiet time. Enjoy the sunrise.
05:30 Collect emails and answer priority or urgent messages.
06:00 Website promotion. Watch morning news on television.
06:30 Write articles, website updates, or business promotions planning.
07:30 Wife and daughter wake up. Family time.
08:00 Teach Tai Chi student(s), or answer remaining emails.
09:00 Hand analysis client(s) or housekeeping. Playing with daughter.
10:00 Wife goes off to work. Time split between playing with daughter (80%) and personal Kung Fu training (20%).
13:00 Daughter has a nap (maybe!). Collect and answer new emails, return telephone calls, and book client appointments.
15:00 Prepare dinner or take care of shopping, banking, post office, etc..
17:00 Wife comes home from work. Break for dinner & some family time.
18:00 Take care of remaining phone calls, emails, and other correspondence, or evening readings at a party or event.
20:00 Workday done. Start getting daughter ready for bed.
21:00 Day nears completion. Enjoy the sunset.

Every day is a bit different, but this gives you an idea of a "normal" day for me.

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Article written: August 6, 2005

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