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The Start of it All
The very first hand-related subject that I studied on my own was sleight of hand.

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Sleight of Hand

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What is Sleight of Hand?

Sleight of hand magic (also known as close-up magic or street magic) are the tricks and illusions performed directly in front of a camera or audience. This kind of magic trick can be very difficult due to the close audience scrutiny. The illusions are accomplished by a combination of distraction, nimble dexterity, and of course props.

The very first hand-related topic I ever studied on my own was in fact sleight of hand. These early coin and card tricks also led to my interest in palmistry (partly to determine what was fact and what was mere illusion).

Free Sleight of Hand Tricks on Video

Here are a couple of short demonstrations:

A nice trick with 4 cards.
Handling a deck of cards.

Close-Up Magicians in Vancouver:

I'm no stranger to magic tricks and illusions - I've seen some great magicians, and quite a few not-so-good ones. I've watched both these professionals while working at corporate events, and have seen their illusions done right before my eyes.

Rod Chow

Rod Chow recently won an international competition in close-up magic. Not even a banker could handle money as smoothly as Rod (and no banker I know can transform $2 bills into $100's).

Doktor Strange

Watching Doktor Strange in action reminded me of how much fun there can be in hand-related subjects, and also re-kindled my interest in sleight of hand. I can almost figure out how his tricks might have been done, and still keep thinking about them. Another sign of a good magician....

Written: October 21, 2006

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